vegan mascarpone

Vegan Substitute For Mascarpone

You don’t need highly processed, soy-based products like tofu, to make a great mascarpone cream for a vegan dessert.

Mascarpone cheese is made simply by blending lemon juice with heavy cream and cooking it. An easy substitution is using a fat-based cream that isn’t from dairy. So if you had culinary coconut cream, (which is a cream and not milk) you could use that to substitute for the heavy cream and prepare it the same way.

Or, if you wanted to skip the cooking part, you could use Kite Hill’s plain cream cheese (which is made with an almond milk base) and blend it with a probiotic coconut drink, or lemon juice and water for the right consistency.

Once you have that cheese base, you can then blend it with So Delicious coconut whipped topping, vanilla, and sweeteners of your choice like Agave, monk fruit, stevia, or coconut sugar, and/or other flavors like orange rind or lemon rind, to make it more of a mascarpone cream rather than a mascarpone cheese.


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