Learn specific recipes in one 2 hour class or four 2-hour classes every week for a month. Read the description below for more information and contact us to plan your custom menu.

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What plant-based dishes would you like to learn how to cook? 

Whether you want to learn how to make amazing banana pancakes, vegan sushi, gluten-free biscuits, hearty lasagna, amazing green salads, delicious cookies, gluten-free baking, stir-fry’s, raw food, Mediterranean dishes, or classic Americana,  by joining one of our workshops, we can show you how to master plant-based recipes in your own kitchen!

We can, of course, go beyond the example recipes listed above. There are a number of menus to choose from. You can learn a few recipes at a time for a 4-week course, learning breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert on each of those weeks, or you can learn to prepare a full course of meals for a one day lesson in a few hours.

Note: If you have specific requests or dietary limitations, be sure to include that information in your email when scheduling a class or course series.

Class prices vary depending on the size of the group and the cost of groceries. The average price ranges from $200 per class to $800 for a four-week course (grocery cost included). So, you either purchase this item once or select 4. Contact us to select the recipes you want to learn in one day, or in one month.


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